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the MARNI Eden / MARNI 


As a love story, we try to reveal a distinct love representation, love comes in several shapes and we believe that self-love is incredibly crucial to be able to love others. This concept takes an idea of the MARNI person that loves herself, an individual that is happy to be him / herself. 

Yvan Deng gets inspired by the Brand itself - the artistic look that emerges in the collections. This collage artwork sketches symbolize an Eden of happiness through the artist’s eye. The garden reflect the Italian life style with the influence of the Asian love anecdote. Throughout the entire artwork, you will find that this is a colorful, encouraging and positive art piece. Among them, the girl is wearing a headscarf and MARNI sunglasses : this picture is the artist's most remarkable image of Italian women. Of course, these persona will dress up with Italian style to ride a Vespa in the city; The orange and blue flowers are stimulated by the embroidered woven pattern of MARNI handbags. When the artist visited Italy, He fell in love with the historical relics in the ancient cities of Rome and Pompeii----the stone lion sculpture, The columns and The beautiful clay pots, the lemons in Amalfi, the views of Capri, these are the main inspirations. You will notice that there is a pink magpie in the upper right corner of the painting. It represents auspicious and joyous in China: Only once a year, the couple could meet on the Milky Way when it is the Chinese Valentine's Day, the magpies come to build a bridge for them. Xiang yun (the cloud) is a symbol of illusion. We introduce several papers that the artist uses as background, this papers are collected by Yvan from around the world and have the intention to express the MARNI global approach.

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