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Infinite and Inconceivable Lust / SOLO EXHIBITION


Organized by The Opposite House, Infinite and Inconceivable Lust is a series of sculptural pieces producing a canvas of compositions that collide and reproduce 1.

The works in this series offer allegorical interpretations of eight willow leaf vases that symbolize the infinite. Whilst each one of the pieces creates a whole new canvas, the back of each sculpture is adorned with calligraphy selected from The Goddess of the Luo. The two dragons represent two individuals and their fight to be together regardless of gender. Yvan integrated his attitude towards fashion into Chinese conventional artifacts to present the dialogue between present and past and break open a conversation for the future. The color combination is used to relieve the seriousness of the events and statements and to demonstrate the positive and light-hearted attitude of the experience.

Overall, the series invites viewers to reflect on their love and life cycles and to consider whether some aspects of our lives are pre-determined... Or simply a creation of our own making.


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