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Harper’s BAZAAR / Electric Dreams: MAGAZINE COVER DESIGN

Harper's BAZAAR China invited Yvan to illustrate the magazine cover for its May 2024 issue, which was inspired by the cover of Harper's BAZAAR's August 1940 issue, the original cover was jointly completed by graphic designers Herbert Bayer and Alexey Brodovitch, leaving a deep impression with avant-garde design and bold colors.

Yvan named this work "Electric Dreams", with vivid colors constructed into captivating neon lights. The characters in the painting are calm, confident, and powerful, reminding us that anything is possible in the uncertain future. Dreams can be as bright and bold as the colors illuminating the canvas. "Electronic Dream" adopts the same composition as the original cover, using collage techniques, bright colors, and iconic character images to pay tribute to classics while allowing the retro cover to recreate contemporary and modern styles.

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